Hunt down a bargain with TribalUK

TribalUK - quality electrical goods delivered free

TribalUK may have a name and logo like one of those shops selling surfers’ clothes that have suddenly sprung up in towns miles from the seaside, but in fact they’re an online retailer specialising in free delivery of quality electrical goods.

The folks there have been in touch to tell us about a couple of products that look pretty good at the moment – the Electrolux Insight EKT6045X electric cooker at £742.90 and the Bosch WAS32466GB washing machine at £456.48.

Here’s a video of the Electrolux Insight (sorry about the huge white space below it – something odd that we can’t debug). As you can see, it’s a stylish black and chrome affair which is designed to give you as good a view as possible of the the food you’re cooking. You can read more about it – or buy it – on the TribalUK site here.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a video for the Bosch WAS32466GB, but you can find it in our shop here. It takes an 8kg load and offers 1600rpm spin speed. It’ll also slot neatly into your kitchen as it’s freestanding, a standard 84.2x60x590 in size, and clean white in colour.