Food blog roundup: resolutions and lots of comfort food

Monday, January 14th, 2008

We’re halfway through January and all rather glumly settled back into our everyday routines once more. So what better time to cheer things up with a little comfort reading by seeing what some food bloggers are writing about this week?

  • Angela at A Spoonful of Sugar has made a great New Year’s resolution – to grow more of her own fruit and perhaps also veg. She talks about what she’s got planned, and about her other cooking resolutions.
  • Aidan Brooks, a blogging trainee chef, has been cooking with bream, cassava and kumquats under pressure: “This meal did not turn out to be my greatest domestic culinary experience. Unfortunately, as I was doing three other things while cooking I managed to burn the kumquats beyond the point of no return. It was my Goon moment – when my professional chef training went out of the window and like most men under pressure I reverted to the multi-tasking level of a hominid.” Get the full story here…
  • Cheer yourself right up with some shortcake with polenta, dried figs and pine nuts courtesy of Annemarie at Ambrosia and Nectar. And without busting your New Year’s resolutions wide open too…
  • Margot at Euro-Caribbean food blog Coffee & Vanilla is inviting you to sample creamy puy lentils with herbal pepper. Sounds very good indeed to us…
  • Niamh at Eat Like A Girl has been recounting her foodie highs and lows of 2008: “Apologies to anyone from Japan, but I don’t think I will ever quite recover from eating an octopus ball in Tokyo, it looked so delicious but just wasn’t to my taste and gave me quite a shock! I was expecting something quite crispy but contained within was a slimy octopus in what felt like raw egg.” Read about some of her happier moments here.
  • Egg, Bacon, Chips and Beans is right up our street – it carries recommendations for finding marvellous fried breakfasts. Its latest is at Bridge The Gap Café in south-west London. Warning: these photos could make you very hungry…
  • Jenn at The Left Over Queen is waxing lyrical about the joys of seasonal eating and the discovery of a good local farmers’ market.
  • Holler at Tinned Tomatoes has published an incredible interactive guide to making deep-pan pizza, one of the ultimate comfort foods. View it here.
  • And finally… Nicey at A Nice Cup Of Tea And A Sit Down finds his New Year’s resolution to stay ‘waistline-neutral’ in tatters after discovering that McVities is plotting the return of the dark chocolate hob-nob.

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