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Seasonal eating for March

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

In like a lion and out like a lamb – and at the moment we’re somewhere in the middle! The beginning of March can still feel like the worst of winter but by the end of the month we will hopefully be seeing the first signs of spring.

And it’s time to introduce some new flavours and cheer up the warming but by now somewhat routine fare that we’ve been eating all winter. So, while root vegetables and brassicas will no doubt still feature, we can now aspire to some slightly more exotic flavours.

So what seasonal foods are on offer in March? This BBC Food article on the subject suggests keeping an eye out for early rhubarb. And its delicious sweet-yet-sharp flavour shouldn’t just be making an appearance in desserts. You can use it to flavour soups, hotpots and roasts as well.

If you’re crying out for some fresh green stuff on your plate then now’s the time to shop for flatleaf parsley which is a great ingredient in stir-fries and sautés. On the root veg front there’s plenty of carrots, leeks and beetroot about and purple sprouting broccoli is a wonderful seasonal treat.

Check out some recipes by following the links here – and if you’ve got some sure-fire March food secrets then be sure to leave a comment and share!

Seasonal eating for February

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Short days, fog and frost, and little sunshine. No wonder most of us are longing for March to begin. Still, we can help cheer ourselves up and stay healthy with the help of a little seasonal eating – check out this BBC Food article on the subject for some ideas.

It suggests that winter vegetables are still very much in season, so check out your local market or greengrocer or rummage through your veg box in search of leeks, cabbage and chicory. Parsnips and celeriac may well be in there too!

If you’re a fish eater then halibut, lobster and mussels could well be on the menu while meat-eaters can also take the chance to sample goose or guinea-fowl.

Also seasonal at the moment are shallots, which will certainly add a bit of flavour to your comfort food, especially if sautéd in butter, and squash is always a great source of sweetness and colour.

Check out some recipes by following the links here – and if you’ve got some sure-fire February food then be sure to leave a comment and share it.

The Gift of Oil: buy one, get one free in February

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

The Gift of Oil has been in touch to let us know that it will be running a new offer during February – buy an Estate Olive Oil and get another free.

Check out the full range here >>

Here are the details: buy one bottle of Catalan, Cretan, Puglian or Sicilian Olive Oils and the company will will send a second bottle of the same size free with your delivery.

No need to enter any code at the checkout, it will automatically send out your free olive oil with the order.

So, all you’ll need to do is to find some delicious ways to enjoy your oil. Read the company’s tips on enjoying extra virgin olive oil here, or check out some recipes here.

Check out some seasonal eating tips from the BBC

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Keen to cut down on food miles and improve your diet by eating with the seasons and avoiding expensive imports that may have travelled across the world to reach your nearest supermarket?

Then take a look at this BBC article on seasonal food for January – its suggestions include scallops, pears, parsnips, carrots and leeks.

And there’s a great page of parsnip recipes, including parsnip crisps, parsnip and Jerusalem artichoke soup with onion compote, parsnip fondants and parsnip and carrot mash.

Sounds just what we all need to while away these long winter evenings!

Discount code for olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

The Gift of Oil: flavoured infusions

The Gift of Oil describes itself as a dedicated team of enthusiasts committed to helping as many people as possible enjoy truly excellent oil and vinegar.

The company imports and supplies estate olive oils and genuinely-matured balsamic vinegars in bulk and then bottles and labels them in the UK.

According to its website, this means it can offer superb products at very reasonable prices compared to those commanded by estate or acetaia branded alternatives, allowing you to buy the best-quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

It also regards the families who supply it as “true family friends, who ensure that we are able to continue to offer only the very finest product to our many customers here in the UK.”

If this sounds appealing, you may be interested to know that The Gift of Oil is offering MyKitchenFinder readers the chance to save five per cent on purchases until the end of March this year. It is also offering free delivery to anywhere in the UK on orders over £35.

So, what’s on offer? Well, you can shop from its range of extra virgin olive oils, browse through some mouthwatering infused oils including basil, lemon and mandarin flavours, matured balsamic vinegar and flavoured balsamic glazes that are produced from reduced young balsamic vinegar, are thick and flavoursome and come in squeezable bottles for food and plate decoration. You can choose from: cherry, fig, chocolate and truffle flavours. You can also create custom gift sets.

To find out more about The Gift of Oil, click here – or take a peek at some of its recipes

Ah yes, about that discount code. Type in giftoil-05 at the checkout to claim your five per cent discount.

Food blog roundup: resolutions and lots of comfort food

Monday, January 14th, 2008

We’re halfway through January and all rather glumly settled back into our everyday routines once more. So what better time to cheer things up with a little comfort reading by seeing what some food bloggers are writing about this week?

  • Angela at A Spoonful of Sugar has made a great New Year’s resolution – to grow more of her own fruit and perhaps also veg. She talks about what she’s got planned, and about her other cooking resolutions.
  • Aidan Brooks, a blogging trainee chef, has been cooking with bream, cassava and kumquats under pressure: “This meal did not turn out to be my greatest domestic culinary experience. Unfortunately, as I was doing three other things while cooking I managed to burn the kumquats beyond the point of no return. It was my Goon moment – when my professional chef training went out of the window and like most men under pressure I reverted to the multi-tasking level of a hominid.” Get the full story here…
  • Cheer yourself right up with some shortcake with polenta, dried figs and pine nuts courtesy of Annemarie at Ambrosia and Nectar. And without busting your New Year’s resolutions wide open too…
  • Margot at Euro-Caribbean food blog Coffee & Vanilla is inviting you to sample creamy puy lentils with herbal pepper. Sounds very good indeed to us…
  • Niamh at Eat Like A Girl has been recounting her foodie highs and lows of 2008: “Apologies to anyone from Japan, but I don’t think I will ever quite recover from eating an octopus ball in Tokyo, it looked so delicious but just wasn’t to my taste and gave me quite a shock! I was expecting something quite crispy but contained within was a slimy octopus in what felt like raw egg.” Read about some of her happier moments here.
  • Egg, Bacon, Chips and Beans is right up our street – it carries recommendations for finding marvellous fried breakfasts. Its latest is at Bridge The Gap Café in south-west London. Warning: these photos could make you very hungry…
  • Jenn at The Left Over Queen is waxing lyrical about the joys of seasonal eating and the discovery of a good local farmers’ market.
  • Holler at Tinned Tomatoes has published an incredible interactive guide to making deep-pan pizza, one of the ultimate comfort foods. View it here.
  • And finally… Nicey at A Nice Cup Of Tea And A Sit Down finds his New Year’s resolution to stay ‘waistline-neutral’ in tatters after discovering that McVities is plotting the return of the dark chocolate hob-nob.

Recipes: get a fast order of Gary Rhodes

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Fancy a shortcut to some great recipes? The Guardian has an extract from the latest cookbook from celebrity chef Gary Rhodes.

Time to Eat is organised on the basis that you need to know roughly how long a meal takes to cook before you start preparing it.

The recipes at the beginning are the ones you’ll knock together in a few moments. The deeper into the book you get, the more time-consuming they become.

As such it’s sure to be a Christmas hit – and, in the Guardian extract, you can get a sneak peek at courgette soup with tomato and red onion bruschetta, broken feta cheese salad with apples and pears or pan-fried white fish with buttery grapes and chervil, all ready in 15 minutes apiece.

If you’ve got half an hour to play with then try Risotto Milanese or stir-fried chicken with tomatoes, basil and crispy parmesan.

Read the extract here.

  • Foyles Bookshop is selling Time To Eat at an online price of £19 – that’s a saving of £6 on the recommended list price. And you can take advantage of free post and packing on all UK orders over £10. Read a synopsis, check reviews and buy the book here.

Calling all cooks: Delia's back

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

All those that regretted the passing of the Queen of Cookery from television, never fear. As is so often the case it has turned out to be not as final as it sounded at the time.

Delia Smith is reportedly poised to make a return to the small screen with a new show for the BBC. This from The Independent:

Delia Smith returns with new cookery show

In a new series to be screened in the first half of next year, the doyenne of television cookery programmes will show viewers how to cut corners without compromising on quality, in an update of her first cookery book, How To Cheat At Cooking, published in 1971. The series will also show, for the first time, Smith’s personal life, including her passion for football and her strong faith.

At the end of the third series of How To Cook in 2002, Smith said she was retiring from the small screen, complaining that a new breed of cookery shows served only to entertain rather than teaching the basics of cookery. “I’m quite old now – I want to quit while the going is good,” she said at the time, adding: “Now people want to be entertained, whereas I was trying to teach how to cook, that’s where it’s different.”

A BBC spokeswoman said: “It’s going to be something we’ve not done before with Delia, showing how to cut corners, but not cut corners on quality or taste. We’re also going to show her life beyond the kitchen. It’s great that she’s coming back and it’s showing more of her life than ever before,” the spokeswoman added. Read the full story here…