Seasonal eating for February


Short days, fog and frost, and little sunshine. No wonder most of us are longing for March to begin. Still, we can help cheer ourselves up and stay healthy with the help of a little seasonal eating – check out this BBC Food article on the subject for some ideas.

It suggests that winter vegetables are still very much in season, so check out your local market or greengrocer or rummage through your veg box in search of leeks, cabbage and chicory. Parsnips and celeriac may well be in there too!

If you’re a fish eater then halibut, lobster and mussels could well be on the menu while meat-eaters can also take the chance to sample goose or guinea-fowl.

Also seasonal at the moment are shallots, which will certainly add a bit of flavour to your comfort food, especially if sautéd in butter, and squash is always a great source of sweetness and colour.

Check out some recipes by following the links here – and if you’ve got some sure-fire February food then be sure to leave a comment and share it.