Get ready for Fairtrade fortnight


It’s not long until the start of Fairtrade Fortnight – a wonderful chance for all you foodies to widen your horizons with some fantastic, ethically-produced ingredients from around the world.

This year’s event takes place between February 25 and March 9 and, if you’re looking to get involved, your first stop is the Fairtrade Foundation website.

There you can learn a little bit more about the movement and find out about any events happening in your area. Since these tend to include meals, tasting sessions and markets, there’s bound to be something to whet your palate for Fairtrade produce.

Anyone who’s within hailing distance of London can visit the Fairtrade Funfair which will be open at Gabriel’s Wharf South Bank on Sunday February 24 and will include a Fairtrade tea cup ride, a helter skelter, a Fairtrade coconut shy, candyfloss made with Fairtrade sugar and a fortune teller.

Organised by the Fairtrade Foundation and backed by organisations, charities and businesses that support or sell Fairtrade products, the day is billed as giving visitors the opportunity to sample some of the 3,000 Fairtrade items now certified and to learn more about Trade Justice.

A series of talks by Fairtrade producers from countries around the world will give visitors a chance to meet the farmers and workers behind the products, and learn first-hand the difference that Fairtrade is making to their communities. Read more here…